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La Casona is a Landmark in the ever-changing world of Puerto Rico’s restaurants. Founded in 1971, we have been catering to discerning customers for over 40 years. Our customers love us because we consistently offer the best Spanish-style and International food in a wonderful whimsical setting.

La Casona is an 80 year old building that has been renovated over the years to provide diner’s with modern, up-to date service and cuisine.

La Casona, which means “large mansion”, features a romantic and elegant atmosphere for your dining experience. Our Garden area is lush and elegantly manicured perfect for hosting corporate functions such as Pharmaceutical Meetings, Business Meetings and Weddings or simply enjoy dinner outdoors. The restaurant is perfect for catering social events in which up to 500 and more can be accommodated.

Owner and Chef Manolo Caamaño, brings 40 years worth of experience to La Casona’s elegant mix. Caamaño personally oversees the continuous architectural improvement the restaurant has undergone, such as a new dining room, bringing the total of Salons now available for activities to seven, as well as the extension of the Garden area and parking facility for 250 vehicles.

Among our long time residents are the Andalusian guitarist Antonio Carmona, who played here for over 30 years and Manolo the resident macaw, who over the years has been known to hold conversations (in several dialects) with amused guests.

Lovers of International Cuisine will enjoy our extensive wine list and variety of rich Spanish and classic dishes from other regions. La Casona’s seven dining areas host from 15 to 500 people, and each receives stellar service that has garnered La Casona worldwide acclaim as the centerpiece of culinary greatness right here in the town of Santurce.